Saturday, August 27, 2005

Not Quite Quiet

We're back from a week in Maine...waaaay Downeast, with no Net access.

Massachusetts has had a few development to appear in the next day or so here.

We had expected to find some related action in Maine, but did not. While the gay-rights ballot question is up this fall, you wouldn't know it in the far Eastern areas. The local papers had no mentions. There were no billboards or posters up by either side. No one confronted anyone at the supermarkets. The couple people I asked had the sensible attitude — discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal now, except for religious-organization bigots.

It is a bit early for the November vote. Also, neither side has much money to wage war on the issue. However, someone saying something would have been appreciated.

The kayaking and cycling were fine, but the politics were sorely lacking.

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