Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Samuel's Words in Action

The powerful sermon at the United Church of Christ's synod is online. Read the whole thing here (highly recommended). The earlier recap is here.

The Rev. Kenneth L. Samuel is thought-provoking and great reading even for the unchurched and non-Christians. He is a social action, walk-it-like-you-talk it guy.

He addresses Christians who don't act it. He snorts at sloppy passages from the King James (scripture by 6 committees; my term, not his) Bible and reminds people what his still-speaking God wants. For example, Sodom and Gommorah were not damned because male prostitutes (not just homosexuals as mistranslated) were there. Instead, "according to Ezekiel 16 in verse 49, the sins of Sodom are the sins of pride and inhospitable behavior toward the poor, the weak, the needy and the strangers."

For the pious, but inhumane, Rev. Samuel's words are no comfort. He did not intend them to be.

In addition, for those of us who like to have some scriptural knowledge and argument support, he peppers the sermon with references and exegesis. If you are political and your recreational reading does not include the Bible, this sermon is worth it for that alone.

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