Friday, August 19, 2005

Put on Your Oven Mitt, Mitt

Our very own Captain Brylcreem, disguised as arrogantly mannered Governor Mitt Romney, put the super spin on yesterday. Does he really believe this stuff?

Trying to tenderize the local and national audience for when he announces his POTUS bid, the Captain finally delivered his answer to the steady drumbeat the Democrats have pounded for years. They have overwhelming control over the General Court and can pass whatever laws they want. He is the aging pretty boy, but far more decorative than useful.

As reported
in today's Boston Globe, the Captain's rejoinder is that all the good ideas are his. He can claim all the victories because he is such a statesman. As he put is:
"(G)iven the fact that I have 85% of the opposition on the other side of the aisle, I'm successful by virtue of the power of the idea and the willingness of people to do what's right for the people of Massachusetts and to look beyond politics. And fortunately, there are people in the Democratic Party who look beyond politics."
It's possible that in Dover and other Republican fiefdoms they can buy that. It won't play in the real world, locally or nationally.

Despite frequent smiley faced trips around the lower 48, the Captain is doing abominably in the early polls. Blue Mass Group has a nice recap here, for starters. The Lowell Sun article he cites is off-line, but main point of Mitt-who? in the Midwest stands. There is another telling poll of New Hampshire and Massachusetts voters here.

Our very informal quizzing in South Carolina, where he must do well and has visited repeatedly, shows much the same. If extrapolations from a non-scientific poll project reliably:
  • Mitty will not take the blame for same-sex marriage here
  • He will appear as another snotty rich guy from a tainted liberal state
  • As is America's wont, voters will wonder what his unusual religious background means politically
  • He really doesn't have a chance to get enough visibility and support for POTUS, but just maybe for VP
Yet, the Captain remains egotistic and cocksure. That's not enough for a national race.

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