Friday, August 19, 2005

Maine Voters: Get Over It!

Survey says, "Keep gay rights, Maine."

While neither side in the pending battle over ballot question 1 has really begun, the first public poll on the issue shows three of five accept the current law. The issue will get a lot of play before the November vote on the attempt to re-introduce discrimination on sexual-orientation. However, the initial results are consistent with a state where voters want to get on with their lives.

A report on the poll appears in the Portland Press-Herald. Numerous topics appeared on the poll. It was of 400 likely voters.

On the ballot-question 1 subject, 61.3% said they would or would probably vote no on it. Only 28% intended to vote yes or were leaning toward yes. The remaining 10-plus percent were undecided.

To the benefit of those who want to repeal the law, this is an off-year election. If they can inspire their discriminators to get to the poll, they have a shot. On the negative side, they have to convince voters of an illogical link. While the question says to reintroduce the right to discriminate against homosexuals, they want voters to believe that voting for the question is really voting against same-sex marriage.

That remains a say-what? Maine forbids same-sex marriage and that isn't in any form on the ballot or up for legislative discussion.

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