Monday, August 01, 2005

Christian Behavior for Ex-CCL

The former head of the unrelentingly vicious Christian Civic League of Maine had a powerful piece in the Bangor Daily News. Maine Won't Discriminate has it on its site.

Jack Wyman was executive director of CCL for 11 years (1984 through 1994). Today, his basic message to the Michael Heath version of the organization is to get over it. Gays got their protection from discrimination; there are important issues.

Oddly enough, he doesn't seem to believe there is much discrimination on sexual orientation there now. That aside, he writes:
This new law is not needed to accomplish what it claims to. Neither will this new law usher in the destruction of traditional family life, or the wide-scale sexual exploitation of children. Given the fear and loathing shown on each side of this emotional divide, at least among those doing the fighting, it's to be expected that the polemics will far outpace the legal and cultural realities. The fact remains, a gay rights law in Maine won't change much, if anything. Neither would its repeal.

The civic league fights not only a losing cause, but a vacuous one. This is a proverbial tempest in a teapot, calculated more to raise money and energize volunteers than to significantly clarify public policy.

The whole piece is worth reading, particularly where he contrasts other Christian groups' efforts to help people rather than punish them. Also, he apparently is no fan of current CCL management. He concludes:
The league, which needs to restructure itself with brand new leadership, would be wise (and quite Christian) to follow this uplifting example (of broadened agenda). In the meanwhile, one may only hope that the ensuing debate will be a thoughtful and respectful discussion of this emotional and divisive topic. Not likely, but one may always hope.

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Miss Grimke said...

Indeed it is so sad that weirdos who get their knickers in knots over homosexuals are giving Christians a bad name. It is heartening that a real Christian is calling them on it.