Saturday, January 28, 2006

Coppertone? No, Airbrained!

Look, up in the sky...

Anyway, Uncle over at Scratches does a good quick hit on the inane MassNews airplane streamers. In case your blog reading does not cover the cuckoo, you may need to check it out to make sure it's real.


The short of it is that a small group of confused folk assert all manner of foolishness related to same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. The weirdest is that the General Court will can the judges who decided that gay couples could wed here. No, amend that to, the weirdest is that by flying a couple of planes with related messages, they will force judges to resign for doing their jobs.

Uncle points out the wasted Dark Side money on this effort. He adds "Cab-top advertising on the airport tunnel routes is not quite as expensive but even less visible most of the time. Maybe they should try that next. If that doesn't work they could buy space on the P-town ferry."

Sweet, if you pardon the expression, honey.

On the other hand One Smoot.. isn't enjoying the theater as much. In her Grrrr... she reports on the planes as, "there's something really wrong with people spending millions of dollars to hire airplanes to protest something that doesn't affect them."


Anonymous said...

I friend of mine owns one of those planes. He said it is great off season money when the beaches are empty. He agrees with you that flying over highways is totally useless. He said people have to be outside relaxing or they never look up at planes. He wouldn't tell me who it is but I suspect a third party is renting the planes for MassNews and not them directly.

Uncle said...

Ayuh...a major objective of marketing is to part fools from their money. As an ex-marketing puke, I have a grudging admiration for the enterprise, especially since the way it's done has made the message so useless.