Friday, January 06, 2006

One Bad Blonde

Coulter bile fountain cartoonMother Jones is still out there kicking shins. There is a funny and thought-provoking one-pager on an anti-Ann Coulter conservative, who is doing something about it.

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Blogger Brad Friedman slams the bombastic blonde bully, whom he debated. He's good, but he lets the subject of this column be Daniel Borchers, a D.C.-based conservative who despises Coulter's dishonesty and bile as much as any liberal does. His points include that she is a hypocrite who does not live her stated values and that her theatrical extremes badly damage conservatives.

He puts out BrotherWatch newsletter to fight "growing extremism within the Conservative Movement."

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) yanked his press credentials from their 2002 conference when they saw the anti-Coulter contents of the newsletter he distributed. Undeterred, he is preparing a The Truth About Ann documentary. He is also creating a series of anti-Coulter PowerPoints showing her dreadful contraditions, lies and shallowness. He says that her "track record of practicing what she presaches is pretty dismal." He wants to "call to the attention of fellow Christians (left and right)" her many failures.

I'm surmising, but Borchers said, "Honor requires outing. Silence is complicity." Such comments along with such commentary on his site as In Defense of Capitalism speak pretty clearly of his Randist background.

Now, there are folk who don't put up with lies or lame reasoning. Borches is not likely to let up.

You go, Dan.

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