Sunday, January 29, 2006

Godly Amount of Cruelty

The Washington Post's editorial today, Gay Marriage Politics, tears the rag off the bush. It clearly notes that the Maryland and Virginia anti-SSM amendments in the works "could have cruel and discriminatory effects."

These are the type of hysterical anti-gay punishments that share both states and their legislators. They aim to make illegal SSM, civil unions and existing or any future form of domestic partnership.

Those in favor don't seem to mind hurting adults, kids, gays, straights, siblings, and even those trying to care for their enfeebled parents. As the WP puts it, "...their advocates (are) confident that the wind of popular opinion is at their backs (and thus they) assert a monopolistic claim on morality and God's law."

Such heavy-footed amendments can't stand the light of day, much less appeals to courts. It is particularly shameful that Virginia's politicians would bastardize its rights-based constitution to strip liberties. There is a history and philosophy to protect.

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Dean P said...

No kidding. The ridiculous thing, too, is that these nutjobs, who say it's all about protecting families and protecting marriage, don't look at Mass, or Canada, Netherlands, or Belgium, for proof or evidence of their claims. If people started calling them on their factual arguments, they might have to fall back to their motives, which is just "we think it's gross."