Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Horrors of a GOP Vacation

2006 and 2008 are the fantasy v. reality test for America. Will we as a nation line up and bend over for another set of right-wing magic or finally say, "Okay, we tried it again. It doesn't work. Can be come back to the real world?"

Imagine for a long, long moment that it was not Walt Disney but Ronald Reagan designing the theme park. Go a bit farther and accept that he is not using Florida swampland, rather the whole country...and beyond.

In the past few days, we have seen and heard the Republican hucksters promising more of everything, virtually free. It's what they'll bring to the Congress, to the voting citizens, and to the world in thrall to a single superpower.

Let go to:
Reagan bastard child George the Lesser tells America "Only by giving up all your freedoms will you be free and safe. Trust me."
Dictator World
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and chief political advisor Karl Rove claim absolute authority of the POTUS to tap phones, intercept email, imprison anyone because he is commander and chief of the military. Warrants. We don't got no warrants. We don't need no stinking warrants.
Club the Queers Club
Rights are okay for you and me, but not for newcomers. No same-sex couples. No immigrants. Let's keep those rights to ourselves, okay?
Shoot First Adventures
This is your chance to take over other countries, because you're better and bigger. The thousands and lives and billions of dollars are just pretend. Fill out the multiple-choice card for invasion reasons and act out!

...or you could stay home and fix things. There are a lot of repairs overdue. There are many bills to pay. You could start living within your means. There are the sick to care for, the hungry to feed, the oppressed to free, children to educate.
Those are very rewarding, but they require hard work and some moral fiber. Think. Think. Think. Fantasy/reality. Short-term/long-term. Big brother/freedom. Think. Think. Think.

As absurd as it all is, that is the choice that Reagan and both Bushes, but particularly the Lesser, have offered and will again. Will Americans fail one or two more times, hoping, hoping, hoping that it will work this time? Will Democrats show some gumption and convince voters that enough is too much?

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