Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mass ConCon on the Fly

Bay Windows is live blogging the ConCon, at least the outside. Follow the bongos and banners here.

So far, the strongest prediction is that the vote hundreds are gathered for won't happen today. From the blog:
11:43 -- Barrios: No marriage debate today

After a strategy meeting held by pro-marriage equality lawmakers at the headquarters of the Unitarian Universalist Association, state Sen. Jarrett Barrios told Bay Windows that he didn't think the constitutional convention would get to the marriage question today.

Barrios said: "I think we'’ll move into the calendar of the constitutional convention and debate of the first series of issues, including Speaker Finneran's proposed rainy day fund and the health care amendment -- which I'’m delighted to support. I don'’t think we're going to get all the way through the calendar today. I think itÂ’s very unlikely that we'’re going to get to debate on marriage. There'’s just too much in front of us to allow a debate."

Asked when he thought the constitutional convention would reconvene to deal with marriage, he said: "“Only the senate president knows."

State Rep. Liz Malia echoed Barrios's comments, though she cautioned that "“the call is really with the senate president."

From the Trenches: A call from a spectator joing the State House crowds reports pouring rain, and about 50 anti-SSM and 150 pro-SSM demonstators. The pro-SSM spectator made the mistake of speaking briefly with an anti, a conservation that ended abruptly when the anti told her that if she supported SSM, she was going to hell.

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