Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Most Mass Candidates Want SSM Vote

And where does your candidate stand...or shift...on same-sex marriage on this day of the ConCon?

A not often cited source, Metro, asked the five (no Green-Rainbow) majors "Do you believe the citizens of Massachusetts should have a right to vote on the amendment or would you like to see it defeated in the Legislature? What are your views on gay marriage? Do you support it or are you against it?"

While the results were not surprising, what was is that none of them said that we need to overhaul the ballot-initiative process. The closest was Deval Patrick, who remarked, "Not every issue should be made into a public referendum, especially ones that concern the constitutional rights of those in a minority."

We hold that since ballot initiatives origins here and now in about half of the states, they have become perverted. Business groups and lately religious and political interest groups manufacture issues and public support through a variety of mercenary ploys and misleading tactics. This current amendment drive reeks of fraud and deceit. It should serve as the catalyst for tightening the process to prevent future abuse.

To the answers:
  • Tom Reilly -- Supports SSM, does not favor amending constitution, but is willing to let this go to the 2008 ballot if it advances.
  • Chris Gabrieli -- Supports SSM. "The Legislature should vote this down and if they don't, the people of the Commonwealth should." Much like Reilly.
  • Deval Patrick -- Wants the legislature to kill it. Thinks the SJC ruling legalizing SSM was right. "We need to move on."
  • Kerry Healey -- Let the amendment ride as far as it goes, even to passage if it does. Then she'd file civil-union legislation. She opposes SSM.
  • Christy Mihos -- "Let the people vote." He favors SSM, but wants a vote.
Only Healey is anti-SSM and only Patrick is anti-voting on minorities' civil rights. Otherwise, they are 72 of one, half a gross of another.

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