Monday, July 10, 2006

What You Can Do for ConCon Wednesday

Just two days before the Constitutional Convention to advance the anti-same-sex-marriage amendment, GLAD says get loud. Last week, GLAD sent an email blast urging pro-equality folk to contact their legislators.

If you don't have the contact info handy, start with this page to find your public servants.

Certainly the anti-gay forces have had their say long and often. We should certainly expect a few thousand of us to speak up, write up and call up in the next week.

As GLAD Executive Director Lee Swislow put it, "Opponents of marriage equality are flooding the State House with calls urging legislators to pass a new, extreme amendment that will ban marriage and replace it with no benefits or protections whatsoever for same-sex couples and their families."

Amusingly enough, the hypocritical anti forces are already crying foul over the possibility that the pro guys will use any of several legislative procedural methods to block voting on the amendment at the ConCon. This is after every sneaky signature method and dancing around the law prohibiting a ballot initiative trying to overturn a court decision (thanks to Tom Reilly and Mitt Romney).

If the amendment does not get a mere 50 legislators (25% of the combined General Court) to approve it this year, it loses. The Dark Side is back to square one trying to strip homosexual citizens of marriage rights. We would not weep.

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