Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Romancing Washington Solons

It surely must be a substantial weight pressing on Equal Rights Washington and other gay-rights, civil-rights, and pro-SSM groups following today's ruling in favor of DOMA there. However, ERW must have considered the possibility. They say they are headed to the legislature to bring the rights that the courts would not support.

ERW Disappointed in Marriage Lawsuit Decision,
Promises to Take Fight to the Legislature

Today the Washington State Supreme Court delivered a distressing decision to state residents when they refused to alleviate the suffering that lesbian and gay couples and their children face by being denied the basic human right of marriage.

"Of course we are disappointed in the ruling," said Barbara Green, Interim Executive Director of Equal Rights Washington. "Today in Washington state families headed by lesbian and gay couples lack the critical protections afforded by marriage. Our children, elderly couples and surviving partners will remain vulnerable and all gays will continue to be second class citizens until marriage equality is achieved."

Josh Friedes, ERW Advocacy Director, added, "In the United States, the right to marry is a hallmark of full citizenship, and all gays and lesbians have been branded as second class citizens by being denied the basic right to marry the person they love."

ERW will now turn our attention to changing the law through the state legislature. Said Friedes, "We are confident that support for ending discrimination will grow over time as lesbian and gay families tell their stories to legislators and the public. We take comfort in the knowledge that support for marriage equality is growing in Washington and that faith communities are joining with the families, friends, neighbors and co-workers of gays and lesbians to advocate for basic civil rights for their loved ones."

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Anonymous said...

These rulings also mean, 'there is NO fundamental right for all citizens to be treated equally in the disbursement of government benefits'.