Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Maura Cackles Again

Over at the Phoenix' "Talking Politics," Adam Reilly pimps his feature from his blog. Don't hate his self-promotion; it's worth a click and more.

In one of the most insightful Boston politics analyses anywhere, he tears away the bunting covering the Suffolk Country Superior Court Clerk for Criminal Business race. This is political reporting at its very best.

The race features the assistant clerk, Robert Dello Russo, against what Reilly calls a chronic politician in her father's mold, Maura Hennigan.

Personal note: I won't even make comments. I was nasty to Maura, like here and here and here, among other times. I'm giving it a rest this time.

Reilly nails the distinctions between the two types of candidates and what they represent in local politics. He also shows how this is a must-win for Maura.

Y'all click on over, ya hear?

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