Monday, July 10, 2006

SJC SSM Cavalry

Let us heap praise on our Supreme Judicial Court, even before the ruling today. I see in BlueMassGroup, that the decision on whether the current petition drive for to stop same-sex marriage by a constitutional amendment will come down today.

The case, Shulman v. Attorney General (SJC 9684), argued that the drive tries to overturn a judicial decision (Goodridge) and is therefore unconstitutional in Massachusetts. While we concur heartily, Tom Reilly's office countered that because it is only stopping them going forward, this doesn't really overturn the SSM decision.

The timing is great, with the ConCon on Wednesday. It's far better to have this aspect settled before the tentative General Court members have to huddle. I suspect they'd love the court to decide this, as with SSM originally.

It looks plain enough to us. We'll hang loose and see and then report.

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