Monday, September 18, 2006

Aaar. Talk Like a Candidate Day!

Ya swarthy electorial lackey. Ya would-be silk-ascot lord. When the sun rises o'er the yaaaardarm, vote...or pay the price.

Tomorrow be Talk Like a Pirate Day, bilge rat! Avast, ye voters, this too be Massachusetts Primary Election. I'll be keel hauling lubbers and sea dogs alike who don't make their marks on ballots.

Unless ye want to feel the cold steel of me cutlass, bend an ear to me end-aaaar-sements:
  • Governor -- Deval Patrick
  • Lieutenant Governor - Tim Murray
  • Secretary of State - John Bonifaz
And if ye be in the Ninth, Representative - Philip Dunkelbarger

For them that anchors in me home port, Sixth Suffolk, be blackening the spot of Representative - Willie Mae Allen.

Ye swarthy salt, if ye been sleeping at the helm, view the lot of 'em here.

Step smartly, matey! Polling hatches clang shut at 8 bells, last dog watch. Weigh anchor!
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