Friday, September 15, 2006

Up and Down Ticket Endorsements

The soft muttering of a few voices has called for a list of endorsements. Briefly for the contested state and local offices we follow for the Democratic primary next Tuesday, we endorse:



Our Choice




Deval L. Patrick

We don’t want status quo or incremental changes. Deval can rev the idling legislature and spark progressive change.

Lt. Gov.


Timothy P. Murray

Best choice for revitalization of cities and towns, and economic improvement as a result. He’s proven.

Sec. of State


John Bonifaz

He started as just a voter advocate and has matured into an elections reformer. He can maintain and fix simultaneously.

U.S. Rep


Philip Dunkelbarger

Famous as the anti-war candidate, he is the lefty that we need in this office. He has the proper progressive view across the board.

State Senate

2nd Suffolk

Sonia Chang-Diaz

She’s come to clean house and arrived with the right politics and ethical standards. It’s time to upgrade to the 2006 model.

State Rep.

5th Suffolk

Marie St. Fleur

She has stumbled a little, but still has the right record and politics. She deserves a chance to fly right and is well above the others.

State Rep.

6th Suffolk

Willie Mae Allen

She’s new to public office, but has a long record of party activism. Her head and emotions are right, she is a quick study, and she should be on the progressive side of every issue.

Clerk SJC


Maura Doyle

She knows this job and is a combination of efficient and communicative.

Clerk Superior Court Criminal Business


Robert J. Dello Russo

He’s the assistant stepping up. He knows the job and has been involved in many system improvements.

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Anonymous said...

Andrea Silbert is every bit as proven as Tim Murray and much more in many other ways. Given the title of your blog, and an issue I care deeply about, I am also supporting Andrea because she is the only candidate that 1) took the care to state her support for all people t0 marry at the state convention and 2) Will not support any more procedural moves, such as a vote, that could potentially hurt marraige.

Anonymous said...

Mostly good, progressive, pickes.

But you really missed the boat for the Clerk of Courts. Hennigan is no prize, but your comments Dello Russo come directly from his mailer.

He's as much a part of the status quo as anybody- having worked for pre-Speaker Sal (Sal, who twisted elbows the hardest to kill clean elections) for many years as his chief-of-staff. People in the North End also remember him as a two time loser candidate for state-rep.

Hennigan may be a serial office-seeker, but Dello Russo is a failed serial office-seaker, who worked primarily as flunky in the useless legislature instead.

You should have learned more about this guy before you endorsed him.

Anonymous said...

Seem like you really didn't do much homework on Dello Russo before endorsing him. Here's a guy, running for Clerk of COURT for gosh sakes, who has a criminal record. Furthemore, his own ethics filing shows that he was taking two full time salaries from the state-- one as a Staff Director on the hill and one as Ass't Clerk. How do you have two full time jobs? He may be a fine Assistant Clerk (although there seems to be some question about how much he as actually done there), but I don't think I guy with such obvious lack of integrity should be responsible for what goes on in the courthouse.

massmarrier said...

As for Della Russo, actually my comments came from learning too much about him at the English High Dem candidates' forum this week. He and Hennigan held forth.

She was in so far over her head and was clearly running beyond the job to who knows what future position. He's a functionary wanting to move into a little taller chair. He seemed to know his stuff. That's just as well, I wouldn't want that job.

Anonymous said...

I'll take that job, it pays like $180,000 and requires no heavy lifting- I bet you'd even still have time for the blog. At the ward 19 forum Dello Russo said he wouldn't run for another office if he somehow wins. No duh, he'll be hasta la vista in six years with a monster pension.

Hennigan has her issues, but don't let your dislike of her blind you into thinking her opponent actually is what he claims to be (i.e. apolitical and qualified). The bio on his website says absolutely nothing about his own education. Does he even have a high school degree-

That said, kudos for including this underwatched race on your radar. Here's some other recent chatter about it from BMG-