Friday, September 22, 2006

Count 'em, Don't Weep

Oh, my. Home early to repair the projector screen for my professional society and I miss news. Sonia Chang-Diaz sent us a press release announcing that she would call for a recount in the recent primary election for Second Suffolk Senate.

Blue Mass Group is just running the release here. Our basic background is here. Our suggestion that a full recount would serve two key purposes is here.

We would hope that Secretary of State Bill Galvin and Boston Mayor Tom Menino would enthusiastically join in the call and help in any way they can. It is certainly in their interests, and ours, to try to restore some faith that a cast vote is a counted vote.

Her campaign has until Monday, 5 p.m. to turn in 500 verifiable signatures. They must be registered voters in each of the 10 affected wards, at least 50 per ward.

By the bye, the Boston Globe's lead editorial today calls for Galvin's office to investigate this whole mess and make sure systems and training are working by the November general election. That's a damned short time and likely unrealistic for the training, but a noble effort.

Chang-Diaz admits in her release that she has only a slim chance of overcoming the 700+vote lead. However, she's all about ethics and responsibility. So, not calling for an honest election where there clearly has been disregard for procedures and basic voting rules would be quite a surprise.

Even if she only confirms her narrow loss, she's done the right thing, for all of us.

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