Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Limping Dance Post-Primary

Here, we can dance a restrained victory jig. Our upticket guys won the Democratic primary, but our downticket endorsements were hit and miss.

We aced the top spots, governor (Deval Patrick) and lieutenant governor (Tim Murray). Those are our candidates for substantial change and leading us out of legislative and economic stagnation.

The voters overwhelming rejected our secretary of state candidate, John Bonifaz for incumbent do-nothing, William Galvin (17% to 83%).

Similarly, we favored Phillip (not-a-lapdog-for-George-Bush) Dunkelbarger for U.S. House, Ninth District. Steve (bend-over) Lynch retained the seat (77% to 23%).

It looks like troubled long-term state Senator Dianne Wilkerson eked out a win over the ethics with progressive politics candidate, newcomer Sonia Chang-Diaz (48% to 46%). Two nothing in particular candidates, John Kelleher and Samiyah Diaz at 3% and 2%, may have drawn enough votes away from Chang-Diaz to make the difference. That's too bad, Wilkerson has shown that she just can't control her personal life enough to stay in the job. Plus, if she is convicted of perjury, she's likely gone early into her new term. Maybe our choice will get there after all.

A joy in the state Sixth Suffolk House race was that Willie Mae Allen (52%) knocked back William Celester (43%) and Wayne Wilson (5%). That is a vote for change and ethics. Good on her.

The blow to the ankle at the bottom of the ticket is that Maura stepping-stone Hennigan will be the new Suffolk Clerk for Criminal Business to the SJC. She outpolled Robert Dello Russo 54% to 46%. It's clear that she just wants to use the job and voters to get something better. Then some functionary like Dello Russo will take over when she escapes to her perceived higher calling. I suppose in such a dour town, we deserve some comic relief.

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Ron Newman said...

I thought Willie Mae Allen was a woman?

massmarrier said...

Yep. Sure is. I corrected what spell checker miscorrected to William. Computer have their limits, eh?

My earlier endorsement of her is here.