Monday, September 25, 2006

Hidden Debate

We really intended to remind readers to tune into FOX25 in Boston for the first gubernatorial debate tonight, but have to note this is very Boston.

If you look at coverage in the Globe and the Herald or on any other TV station, you will be hard pressed to find the particulars. The key info is:
On Monday night, September 25 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:10 p.m., FOX25 will air ‘Battle For The Statehouse: The Gubernatorial Debate’ live from the FOX25 news studios. Hosted by FOX25 and The Boston Herald, the live debate will be the first time the general election candidates go head-to-head.
The FOX site has drooling details of the candidates. As much as the papers and other MSM ignore the basics, 25 puts the essentials up top.

Ask a cop where such and such square is and he's likely to pull out the streets book. Bostonians love to give square esoteric names -- they separate the true locals from all others.

The Globe is edited that way as well. In this case, unusually, they eventually put the key details, the when and where. Many of their stories don't bother. If you don't know, you shouldn't live here, eh?

The Herald is funnier. It co-sponsors the event and its article on the debate doesn't list time and station. It tucks it in a separate item.

Grow up, kiddies. Getting the news shouldn't be a death march or scavenger hunt. Put the essentials in the article and put them up front.

End that rant.

This debate is a trial for the two biggies. I'm not sure what it will mean for the two minor candidates. Independent Christy Mihos supposedly can draw away some tax-ophobes from Healey and Green-Rainbow Grace Ross remains the let's-solve-all-big-problems-don't-know-how candidate. How distracting the two minor players will be in the debate is unknown. It's fair to hear from them, but their presence could well destroy the pacing of this mere hour-long debate.

The Herald paints this as a Kerry Healey must win debate. We figure they are just beating the drum because of their sponsorship. Truth be told, neither big has to win this, but neither can afford to lose it badly or look like too much of a jerk.

The Globe says this is a test for both, but particularly for Deval Patrick. My take from the info they select is that Deval has actually done things. So Healey will try to twist them and make him defensive. She, on the other hand, will try the same routine of distancing herself from the bad of the Romney administration and trying to take credit for the good. It's kind of like driving over your grandfather with the tractor to win the race at the county fair. Mitt better stand back.

This may be when she starts on the Patrick as quota king as DFA Cambridge notes. We have gotten one of those nasty push-poll calls where a strategy of running down his civil-rights role in the Clinton administration is clearly at work.

Maybe Jon Keller will interview Phil Johnston after Healey's attacks tonight. If she smacks Affirmative Action and immigrant children's rights together, we'll know how willing she is to play race cards as well as tax ones.

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Ron Newman said...

Why did Fox schedule this for 6 pm? That's a terrible time to expect people to be home watching TV. 8 or 9 pm would draw a much larger audience.

massmarrier said...

Hmm, that would put something real against Prison Break and Vanquished. Don't we need to consider Bay Stater's need to avoid thought? ;->