Monday, September 25, 2006

See Sean Bless

...Bless, Sean, Bless...

Anyone hoping for insight from Boston Archbishop Cardinal Sean O'Malley's blog had better crank that up to praying. He's in Rome and the area on God's business. Unfortunately, this first blogging is just a travelogue, plus constant reminders that he reads and speaks several languages.

Read about Sean's reading French. Read about his giving a homily in Italian. Read about his buying newspapers in three languages.

What, you say he's in the seat of the RC Church's power, so you expect substance? Content yourself with pictures, many pictures. By the bye, it appears as he is in so many of the pix blessing folk, O'Malley isn't taking the shots or posting them.

If you were looking for expansion on the Pope's statements on Islam or same-sex marriage or AIDS prevention or abusive priests, fuhgeddaboudit. Likewise, don't look for Sean's thoughts and feelings on religious or political issues. He writes about pretty churches, pretty sculpture, and the religious rituals he performs or participates in. Fair enough, but not far enough.

The hint that he is testing his currency is his slipping in LOL several times. Actually, he does the pre-teen girl version "lol", but he is trying.

Maybe he'll visit a shrine and there'll be a miracle -- he'll regain his courage.

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Anonymous said...

When are we going to meet the real star of the blog, The Photographer? I have never seen such a staged blog! These aren't homely snaps taken by brother monks, but they're not even credited. Looks to me like OMalley is an interchangeable actor just walking through a role. "Welcome to [insert cardinal's name here]'s Blog!" No wonder we're not learning anything about the human being inhabiting the habit. It is sad to see an intelligent person reducing himself to a muppet.

massmarrier said...

This may be picky about our jolly friar, but what about the pride that permeates these posts. There seems to be a lot of bragging here. Is that allowed?

To your real point though, I can't believe O'Malley can go through days like these and stay on the surface as the blog suggests.

Anonymous said...

Ok this is neither here nor there and I realize that this is many threads ago, but I'm still keeping tabs on Sean's Romanations. I was intreagued by this quote from his Gesu talk of 9/27: "The culture of death is seducing our people with the goldencalf of freedom." Hmmm. I hope his next trippy blog will be to Washington. I'd love to see him brainwrestle with President "FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM*!" Bush**.

*some restrictions may apply.
**self-proclaimed "christian", although the claim remains unvalidated

massmarrier said...

It looks like our jolly friar isn't writing for us. The many short, obsequious comments make it clear he's hitting the spot for some. I don't get it.