Monday, November 06, 2006

Grind the GOP!

Let's not be too mean about tomorrow -- just mean enough.

Without even talking about D.C., our Massachusetts governor, lieutenant governor and their minions have rubbed out noses in it for since 1991. Make sure you return the favor, for the good of the commonwealth and of us who live here.

That entire time, the nasties have done what Kerry Healey has been doing for months. They have distorted our history, defamed the Democratic Party and its leaders, tried to take credit for Democratic accomplishments and blame the good guys for their policies, blunders and oversights.

Don't for a moment consider skipping the line at the polls because you're sure Deval Patrick has this locked up. Do your duty and prepare for the deserved self-congratulations later.

Vote. Do it before work. Do it.

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Ron Newman said...

I wouldn't say "since 1991". I don't regret my vote for Bill Weld over John Silber. As I recall, many gays and lesbians felt the same way that year.

massmarrier said...

I'm not so sure. Your buddy returned from self-imposed exile in New York. He stumped for Kerry Healey and blamed all Massachusetts problems on Democrats. Plus he repeated the Healey slanders about he was just certain Deval Patrick would do. He seemed to have turned pretty sour.

massmarrier said...

We rejected a long, vitriolic rant here. If you would like to see the view of someone identifying as in favor of "DUMP DEMOCRATS IN FAVOR OF POPE'S RULE", click away. We find it an amazing (not in a good way) mangling of history, politics and religion.