Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nearly Meaningless Voting Stats

Kerry Healey need only cross the Sagamore to feel loved. If you look at the Boston Globe map of towns she won, there aren't many, but they are clustered in a few places.

Deval Patrick was too well mannered to dance a devilish dance while chanting that he took Gloucester by 6,493 to 4,270. What is it that familiarity does again?

Click on over to the Boston Herald to see where the heaviest ratios for the winner are. Healey skunked him nowhere, but the reverse is not true.

It looks like university towns were strongest for Deval, like:
  • Amherst over 7:1
  • Cambridge by 7:1
  • P'town and West Stockbridge over 5:1
  • Near, at or better than 4:1 in Boston, Brookline, Lenox, Montague, Somerville, Wilberham, Wilmington, and West Tisbury
There was the outlier too -- Wendell, at nearly 10:1. Its tally was very low though. Deval 348, Healey 36, Mihos 14, and Ross 19. The town Website says it has 610 registered voters, 158 D, 46 R, 3 Libertarian, 8 Green-Rainbow, 2 International 3rd Party, 1 Natural Law, and 392 unenrolled. It's almost like everyone talked to everyone and decided on Deval together. That's okay too.

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Anonymous said...

Have to say...I'm very proud to be living in the blue donut hole of the Healey wins of the Merrimack Valley.

WTF is up with Chelmsford and Billerica??

massmarrier said...

Some made sense -- Healey got richer North Andover and Deval Andover. Others were huh? moments -- neighboring snooty Dover (KH) and Sherborn (DP).

That map makes it look like there is a right-wing contagion that infected abutting towns in several places. I'll never think of Falmouth to Hyannis the same way.