Thursday, November 09, 2006

Truth Before ConCon

We like it when Boston Globe columnists -- often wishy-washy or worse -- write the truth in the smartest and most compassionate way. We hope that all members of the General Court read every word of Adrian Walker's marriage-equality piece before heading to the Golden Dome for today's ConCon.

He's dead on. He dope slaps the haters. He clarifies the core issues. He nails the shift to acceptance of same-sex marriage as a civil right. There's little to add.

He does note that those who would pretend that homosexuality is a fashion statement (my wording) and those who try to interject their religion on civil-contract law won't change. Likewise, we strong advocates of SSM won't change.

He writes:
Where I believe attitudes have changed is among the vast group of voters in the middle. There are many people who are not passionately on either side of the issue, who believe it just doesn't affect their lives very much.

For the majority of those voters, I believe, the lesson of the past 18 months is that they were right all along: Same-sex marriage really doesn't affect them much. I also believe many of those voters are fine with what has become the status quo.
He (and we here) believe that no matter how and when the anti-SSM marriage forces lose this battle, they'll keep at it, and we believe, continue to lose until they dwindle into small groups muttering in the corners of restaurants and living rooms.

As Walker concludes, it is time to move on. "The Legislature has an opportunity to protect a right that is enshrined in the state constitution, and that is exactly what it should do. By any means necessary."

We add that it would be cleaner and nicer if they voted it down by not giving it 25% approval this year. However, we feel more strongly, as Deval Patrick does, that such civil rights should never be up for a plebiscite.

Whenever and however the anti-SSM forces lose, yet again, they will howl and snarl. Let them do just. Turn your backs and close the doors. It's time to move on.

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