Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pissy About Process

When I ran a UU church board, our meetings were often paused while a member who was a minister and UUA employee saying that this or that "violated process." That distraction has popped up like our friend the old mole on the issue of handling the amendment initiative to stop same-sex marriage here.

Our own take does not favor the process people. However, if you have missed this cycle, do head over to Ryan's Take, particularly his latest.

He's been the lead warrior against the let-the-people-vote faction at Blue Mass Group. If you click through from his post there, make sure to have a big cup of whatever you drink to see you through the comments.

It's illustrative of the hidden hot buttons of self-identified lefties. Read 'em and weep. Read 'em and laugh.

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Anonymous said...

and it does appear that VoteOnMarriage/MA Family Inst. are going to do their best to intertwine the fates of the Health Care and the anti-Marriage initiatives. Process-obsessed BMG folks are playing right into the hands of our bestest, most ardent and dedicated bigots. Congratulations BMG. Time to reevaluate priorities, my friends. Here's a snippet from Tuesday's VOM/MFI email:
"Even now, our lawyers and strategists are looking at options, both legal and political, to compel the legislature back into session to take that vote, and we have confidence that we can succeed in that regard. Backers of the Marriage Amendment are not alone in this fight. In their rush to shut down the Constitutional Convention to run from the same-sex marriage issue, lawmakers also gave a blow to a citizen-initiated amendment on universal healthcare. This measure, too, deserves a legislative vote."

Now I ask you, when had VOM/MFI ever cared about the fate of a non-hate amendment before?