Friday, November 24, 2006

Wee Willard Romney Whines

Well, we're waiting for the actual document to see what the devil Gov. W.M. Romney based his demand for court intervention on for the anti-SSM amendment fight. He went again to his reviled activist judges of the Supreme Judicial Court today. He apparently asked them to order the Secretary of State to put the amendment on the 2008 ballot.

Fat chance, little man.

Let's forget for a moment that he's aiming to be POTUS and would eat a slug sandwich every morning if it helped him get to the White House.

Let's first think that he has spent four years lounging or campaigning. He has disdained and refused to work with the heavily Democrat legislature. Now his harvest of laziness and rudderless non-leadership is rotting and stinking on Beacon Street. When he most needed the support of a grateful and loyal peerage of lawmakers, he got what he sowed -- disdain and refusal.

Let's consider that he wants to transfer his inability to work with a Democratic legislature into what -- oh, yes, a national Democratic-controlled legislature. Sure, Mittsky, that'll work.

Finally, this latest effort is only the last dull-witted failure of his own making. Much is made of his asking the court that required marriage equality. Instead, the judicial point is that that the SJC has already ruled on such cases that the governor cannot compel the vote of the legislature of initiative petitions. Go away, sit down and shut up is the almost certain answer this time.

Here is a politician who cannot work the game. He can't get people to do what he and his party need and want. Even lumbering GOP officials will have noticed by now that he can't function.

His posturing has also helped foster the let-the-people-vote literalists. That promises sniping and whining long after this amendment writhes to its deserved demise. Yet here too, even as wee Willard fades into obscurity, those who think they should get to vote on minorities' civil rights will fade away. Their complaints will become fainter as the rest of us leave them.

The Globe has a timely follow-up on the suit. It still does not link to or quote the action, but it does say that Romney and 10 of his jolly (our word) chums joined the action as citizens. This avoids having AG Tom Reilly represent or advise them.

The article notes that legal experts say this is premature. The ConCon is due back from recess the afternoon of January 2, the last day to consider agenda this time. Until a vote or adjournment, there seems to be no basis for action. Afterward, the ConCon can't meet and then there is a new administration, one with more sense and humanity.

By the bye, the motley suers include some of the most odious anti-gay and anti-SSM forces, like ex-mayor and ex-progressive Ray Flynn and the dreadful right-wing lawyer C.J. Doyle.

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jurassicpork said...

You probably know as well as I how difficult it's getting to admit in public that Mitt Romney's still my governor.

I'll be doing an Irish jig once that oleaginous preppy's off Beacon Hill.