Friday, June 24, 2005

Conservatives Shocked, Shocked

In Ottawa, the Tories got set on their heels yesterday. They expressed outrage that the other major parties –– Liberals, Bloc Québécois and the New Democrats –– played politics. They were shocked, shocked to find them voting together to pass the budget.

According to the Globe and Mail (free registration with valid email addresss required), Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper raged, "The Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc are now in a coalition, and I guess we've seen this coming for some days. So I guess what it should remind Canadians is that when push comes to shove, the Liberals will make a deal with anybody. It doesn't matter if it's with socialists, or the separatists or any bunch of crooks they can find."

That's the way to win the hearts and votes of your fellow parliamentarians, eh?

The short of the budget vote is that the momentum and likely the votes are there to pass countrywide same-sex marriage in Canada next week. We'll have to see what the Tories try, but pouting won't cut it.

Note: There's a lot more to the budget part. It had party-specific amendment and some politicking worthy of Massachusetts. You can get the running account of what's behind the scenes at the vote here.

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