Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oh-oh in Ottawa

While our own Congress festers, the Canadian Parliament is blooming. The majority in the United States is bending over for George/Dick, but even the leftwingers up North are petulent.

This will require monitoring throughout the day. The Globe and Mail (requires free registration) has a piece today that lets us know:
  • The Tories will try to bring down the government if the Liberals insist on a countrywide same-sex-marriage law vote.
  • Converstiave MPs got email yesterday from the party whip ordering them to be in the House of Commons Monday for voting.
  • Canadians are loath to sit even an extra few days in legislative session (every few decades).
  • The Liberals may or may not be able to get enough of their own votes to override the Tories.
  • In what surely can't be an act of God (Can it?). three Conservatives have been absent, all with cancer treatments.
  • A clandestine deal between the parties may be to pass the budgets, amend the marriage bill, and delay an vote on the latter until the fall.
So, today, Friday and Monday should have more.

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