Thursday, June 23, 2005

Log Rolling for Liberty

That Welsh guy at Scratches, a.k.a. Uncle, riffs on my exhortation to ridicule the hate slingers. He branches into his picket line confrontations with them.

It's good reading, particularly because he touches on their motivation. For example:
If gay rights were taken away from these pathetic people as an issue, they'd claim some other object for their anxiety, and say that god called it wrong, evil or inferior. Their other motivation is to invent, or keep, someone lower on the food chain than they are. The deity gives you the biggest reason to dodge personal responsibility. Imagining there is a biped lower than you offers reinforcement for your delusions.
Yet, I have dwelt lately on why they are about it all. The Ann Coulter/Rush Limbaugh sorts you can figure. They aren't interested in anything true or reasonable. They are famous and rich because they use inflammatory lies. They brag about doing so to their dittoheads, as Rush calls them into their ears.

But the minions and fellow travelers...what is their motivation and thought process? They deny and ignore when they learn how dishonest their puppetmasters are. Who is studying these people? Do they belong in zoos? Is there a chance to replace the blind hate with compassion?

I may have to browse for shrinks and socialists who have insight.

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