Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hardline DoMA Effort

According to today's Globe, the farthest right of the rights in the legislature will buck the current compromise effort to get a full marriage = 1 man + 1 woman amendment to the commonwealth constitution. They are supposed to announce the effort tomorrow.

Logistically, this try would be easier than the one underway to replace same-sex marriages with civil unions. Realistically, it seems doomed.

As for law, a DoMA initiative petition would still take a cycle of three years, getting on a ballot in 2008. However, instead of needing twin votes of a majority of the combines legislature, it would require only a quarter of the lawmakers to get before the voters.

Ironically, the effort would give voters two more years of seeing that there are no negatives to homosexual marriage. Already polls show that a majority (56% in the most recent) favor same-sex marriage. More people gay and straight are marrying, staying married, and increasing marital stability in Massachusetts.

The odd state Rep. Emile Goguen has his name attached to the latest effort. More on this when they, if you pardon the expression, come out.

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