Thursday, June 23, 2005

Crews Flew

I just got a good tip from J.P. at MIT, the squamous Ron Crews has left the state. The former head hater (executive director) at the Massachusetts Family Institute and failed politician will spread his compassion to soldiers.

He moved to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to give solace and succor to the Screaming Eagles and their Army chums there. As an Army Reserves military chaplain, he said, "My burden and passion for years has been serving soldiers and their families as a chaplain and this will give me an opportunity to pursue that full time. My wife and I, after praying about it and talking about it, felt like this was the next step for us. We believe MFI has a good leadership and the right direction."

A long-term leader in trying to deny gays men and women marriage, civil unions or any benefits by law, Crews got skunked when he tried to unseat U.S. Rep. James McGovern last year.

Now if only he could take the whole MFI to the Bluegrass State. They already have a DoMA. So he could concentrate on punishing folk in different ways.


Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Day!! Ding, Dong!! Yippee!!

One question though - did he take his carpet bag with him?

massmarrier said...

Haar. He has successfully played the big-haired home boy in Michigan, Utah and Massachusetts -- I'm one of you, and one of you, and especially one of you.

Some Republican president could appoint him to some post, but I think he's gone as far as he can with that game. He's stood for nothing and accomplished nothing except with the infamous Salt Lake City Olympics.

I want to be there when he goes into a Southern Baptist Church in Spartanburg. Tell them again about your angel Moroni...

I don't think he has any idea what the bulk of America is about.