Sunday, June 12, 2005

Up or Down in Oregon

Oregon's hot on Connecticut's tail for civil unions. Its Senate will vote on amending the marriage statutes to permit civil unions. The Senate Rules Committee reported Senate Bill 1073 favorably by 3 to 2.

Not surprisingly, the tally was 3 Democrats for and 2 Republicans against. A full report on the committee action appears in the Salem Statesman-Journal.

Lest you think Oregon is dull, Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown describes herself as a bisexual. She is the unabashed champion of 1073. She is very optimistic that the Senate will pass it.

The dickering could then begin. The House pass its reciprocal-beneficiary bill. That lets unmarried folk get the legal and governmental benefits of marriage.

One senator who won't vote for the unions is Charles Starr, a Republican from Hillsboro. He testified that "Civil unions aren't good for the people who would be in them. The record shows homosexual activity is not normal. Neither the mouth nor the anus were intended for sexual intercourse."

There's the sound reasoning upon which to base your thinking and frame the laws for us all, eh?

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