Friday, June 10, 2005

Walking the (Gay Pride) Walk

Two leading candidates for Massachusetts governor include one who talks and one who walks. Supposedly a politician would barbecue with the devil to be seen and heard by voters, but only one is taking the chance this time.

Tomorrow is Boston's gay-pride parade, with accompanying music, party, speeches and effusion. Duval Patrick will march (as well as Boston's mayor and his chief challenger in the fall mayoral race). Tom Reilly is sitting on his thumbs and likely squashing his ambitions instead.

Attorney General Reilly says he is for gay rights and is kinda, sorta in favor of same-sex marriage, but really only because it is the law of the land. In contrast, Patrick says that he, like the Democratic party here, supports same-sex marriage and demands equal treatment for homosexuals.

It's Squishy Tom looking spongier by the minute. Every time he makes a statement, he qualifies it and looks more and more confused.

He had his spokeswoman, Sarah Nathan, quibble for him. She said that he would attend his granddaughter's christening instead. Besides, she added, he didn't march in previous pride parades. The latter is a statement that cuts many ways, all of them to Reilly's harm.

Massachusetts voters love liberal Democratic legislators and reactionary Republican governors. Go figure. Regardless of why, the Democratic challenger would have to be strong and un-Republican to have a chance.

Timid Tom seems intent on knocking himself out of the box.

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