Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another Year of Gay Marriages!

Today finishes the second year of legal same-sex marriages in Massachusetts. Perhaps I'll get a chance to solemnize another one -- both of those are only-in-Massachusetts events.

We locals see many pluses and no minuses. The false prophets who predicted swift and terrible doom have had to fall back on the just-you-wait ploy. Pat them on the head as you see them mumbling to themselves in the corners.

Let us thank the justices and legislators who support civil rights and equality, and wish the SSM couples well.

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Ryan said...

Thank God I live in Massachusetts. Although, we haven't seen all great things from these two years.

After all, Mitt Romney thinks we were about the become the 'Las Vegas of gay marriage' and the state supreme court ruled that a bigoted 1913 law should stay on the books - and the State Legislature still hasn't struck it down (and why not?!?).

Thanking our reps and state senators for supporting our rights is paramount. They stuck their necks out for us and we need them to know that we appreciate it and will be there for them as they continue to support us.

Unknown said...

"...the 2006 Massachusetts gubernatorial election is the first post-Goodridge corner office contest, and it can be argued that the election will serve as a referendum of sorts on the gay marriage issue. Certainly, if Deval Patrick secures the Democratic primary nomination and then wins the general election, it will be seen as a victory for the pro-gay-marriage forces..."

Link to whole post on Deval Patrick Watch