Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Gov.-2B: Paid Up, Fess Up, But Not Shut Up

Deval Patrick's full-disclosure financial filing brought a pathetic whine from contender Tom Reilly. Rather than welcome the openness, Reilly tried to turn it around by calling Patrick a liar.

All but one of the other candidates are going to have to say at least what they made last year. Between this afternoon and June 6th, we'll see who has the grace that Reilly clearly lacks.

Disclosure: I endorse Patrick.

The Globe finally put out a Web story on the filing here. The Herald's less detailed version has the full Patrick release here. We worked off that for our initial coverage.

So far, Reilly is hedging even on what he is required to reveal. He says he made between $127, 500 and $132,500.

Healey is supposedly going to file today, but as of the moment, she hasn't said squat.

Likewise, Mihos says he's rich, he's independent, and he doesn't have to and won't tell you or me anything.

Gabrieli is being the coy rich guy too. He so far just says that he made more than $540,000. He'll have to file.

Reilly apparently didn't get any tips from chums with manners and must not have been handled on this one. His sad little twist on this was:
The truth and Deval Patrick are clearly strangers when it comes to Ameriquest. He claims to have been the point person who set Ameriquest on a ‘better course,’ but that is empty rhetoric to the hundreds of Massachusetts families who had their homes threatened by this predatory company. Sadly, the problems continue to this day. It seems to me that he reaped a big payout on the backs of the very people who were scammed by his company.
This is exactly the time that he could have taken a high road and spoken of the need for transparency on the part of candidates. He should have bragged again about his early (minimal) disclosure and welcomed Patrick's. He could have put his pathetic bitterness aside and looked like a good guy. Hmm, maybe next election, Tom.

Follow-Up Citations: The local press did provide additional info on the other candidates, although the others have not been very forthcoming.

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