Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lt. Govs-to-Be Need to Separate

Head over to Chimes at Midnight, where our self-identified Humble Elias marks his post-debate tree. He leaves some apt stains.

Our initial recap points to the detailed coverage.

Chimes gets down with :
  • For one, the four candidates do seem to agree disturbingly often. That makes picking one tougher.
  • Each has ideas, but none has the ideal credentials for the job. Elias didn't say, but we think that this is particularly important this time -- several candidates want to make this a real job, not a bench warmer.
  • However, he does handicap the race and narrows it to two likely contenders.
There's more, and a second snippet of pulchritudinous praise. We didn't write it...just linked to it.

None of the four snaps anyone's head back. Worcester Mayor Tim Murray was definitely the most likable. We also confess that being city folk, we are more swayed by his vision that includes urban concerns than many voters would be.

The civility of the four may not break down until after the Democratic Party convention in two weekends. Meanwhile, they seem to be trotting together, no one ready to break away.

For example, they were a bit late arriving for the Lowell debate. They had joined other Party candidates at a brunch in Gloucester before driving over. There, they played kick Mitt and Kerry for awhile, but left each other alone. However, they each got in some highlights of their positions. So the Lowell debate was more, deeper and wider of the same.

This year's convention promises that the looey speeches and floor lobbying will be at least as intense as that for governor. Everybody wants that 15% to get on the primary ballot. Then, and only then, may we see real differentiation.

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