Friday, May 05, 2006

Battle of the Books Continues

The Mad Dad and his chums better hire a claque. So far, the reaction to the long-planned lawsuit to control the curriculum of the Lexington elementary schools is four plus an attorney against the world.

The local newspaper, the Lexington Minuteman apparently had a flood of embarrassed and empathetic letters from Lexingtonians wanting to distinguish themselves from the suers. We didn't see any from Article8 types supporting the foursome. Yet, there were:
If you aren't read out by all that, turn to Bay Windows for a series of interviews by Ethan Jacobs and Laura Kiritsy. They made an effort at balance, even with such outliers.

There's a wishy-washy attorney, who says the foursome needs to chill, but that the school system should bend a bit. The lawsuit attorney, Neil Tassel, doesn't convince us that there's any legal merit to the action. However, this is likely your best glimpse into the dustbin of the plaintiffs' thoughts.

The other three subjects look at the issue from their legal, parental and educational perspectives.

It may be that the suers know they are bound to lose. They may well just want spots on right-wing talk shows, which they are bound to get. On the other hand, if they want to wage a PR battle, they are way short.

This is one big fat artificial fight. What happens when you scream, "Let's go!" and no one follows?

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