Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Banner Calls Reilly on Slurs

At least one Boston weekly calls Tom Reilly on his mudslinging about Deval Patrick's being on the board of disgraced mortgage company Ameriquest. Apparently under pressure, Patrick recently quit the parent-company board, with a mission-accomplished statement.

The timing just before the Democratic convention is bad. As a hired gun and turn-around manager, Patrick can credibly claim that he cleaned house, as they brought him in to do. On the other hand, professional board members do carry an anything-for-a-buck scent. Yet having done the right things at Ameriquest, Patrick shows that he's at the top of this class of directors.

Disclaimer: I endorse Patrick.

Locally, the Bay State Banner didn't care for Reilly's slurs. Its lead editorial in this week's edition links this with two other cases of disinformation. It reads in part, "Following are three blatant attempts to mislead the public."

The Banner puts it:
Attorney General Tom Reilly has essentially claimed that Deval Patrick, his opponent in the race for Governor, is a predatory mortgage lender because he was on the board of ACC Capital, Ameriquest’s parent company. However, the facts suggest another, more reasonable interpretation.

...It is clear from this pattern of professional employment that Deval Patrick is a corporate healer. Judging from news reports of ethics violations in big business, Patrick’s skills are much needed in the nation’s boardrooms. He should not be criticized for his successful interventions. To do so is equivalent to castigating a doctor for treating a convicted murderer.

Reilly is said to have integrity. He certainly damages that reputation by resorting to character assassination.
Maybe Reilly is brave -- or desperate -- enough to gamble that his mud will stick more to Patrick than to himself. That's neither a good way to run a campaign nor how to act as chief of state.

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