Sunday, May 14, 2006

Many Number Twos in Lowell

Surely the ground will be dry and the sky blue next Sunday. Just as surely, you'll be in Lowell for the BlogLeft-supported Lieutenant Governor debate.

Click the image below to see the details.

We shall again steal Lynne's intro:
BlogLeft, an unchained association of us Massachusetts liberal bloggers, is cosponsoring a Lt Governor’s forum with the Lowell Democratic City Committee and Greater Lowell Area Democrats on May 21, 2pm, at the Senior Center in Lowell (276 Broadway Street, Lowell, MA). You can see the LDCC page on the forum here, and get directions here.

Download the poster [PDF] and hang it up anywhere you can, and here are some postcards [PDF] to print and hand out.

This is a really good opportunity to come and meet the Lt. Governor candidates, and listen to their ideas. Soon, participating bloggers will be soliciting questions for the candidates from readers, so keep an eye out!

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