Friday, December 15, 2006

Bobby Re-Speaks on Deval

It's likely we'll never know for sure. Was yesterday's swagger the real Senate President or today's conciliation?

Either way, we are surprised that Bobby Travaglini would say he misspoke when he seemed to threaten the agenda of Governor Elect Deval Patrick. Following howls from the bowels of the Bay State, the pair appeared all nice like at a State House press conference.

Today, the Boston Globe says:
"I misspoke yesterday and I want to acknowledge that publicly to you...'' Travaglini told reporters this afternoon. "The position of the senate continues to be standing ready to partner with the new administration in its efforts to demonstrate that we can conduct the people's business in their absence in a positive way and that's the reason for the visit here this afternoon.''

"The relationship between Deval and I is important not only to he and I but to everyone who resides in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and to that end we thought it appropriate to demonstrate quickly that the relationship is strong, is respectful, is professional and is ready to engage in the issues of the day," he added.

Not surprising is that Mr. Smooth, Patrick, was gracious and quick to let any affront go. His happy words included, "This is my friend and my new partner and we are looking forward to and have started on building a very strong relationship. We are going to have conversations from time to time that are private and where there are differences. But I've said before and we've said to each other -- not every difference is a controversy. We don't have any significant differences today. What we've been doing is tring to work through our respective... legislative agenda and as much as possible get on the same page from the start."

As we noted earlier, Bobby has been a verbal brawler and used to staking his turf from his City Councilor days. We suspect Trav said what he meant at breakfast and responded quickly to other legislators and advisers who asked him what the devil he thought he was doing.

Maybe he's not as dumb as he seems.

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