Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Love from Lowell...

...or at least from the Lowell Telecommunications Corporation.

Word comes from Richard Howe Jr. that our lieutenant governor debate last May in that fair (or fairly fair) city was worthy of praise.The secretary of the Lowell Democratic City Committee let us know that last week at it annual meeting, the LTC recognized that forum as the Outstanding Special Production of 2006.

In LTC''s Members Awards portion of the meeting, they cited GLAD, the LDCC and BlogLeft, the motley bag of us bloggers. A bunch of us elbowed each other at laptops in the studios and live blogged the event. That thread is still available on Blue Mass Group.

All political reportage should be that much fun.

On November 29, Dick Howe accepted the award for the us all. He is key in organizing and running the event, before and during. He joked that, "...maybe we should treat it like the Stanley Cup and let everyone who played a role in the forum have custody of the award on a rotating basis. "

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