Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hold Breath, Turn Blue

Pre-news today is that the anti-SSM dwindling party is attacking the General Court. VoteOnMarriage.org will file a separate suit on top of the current one seeking to force legislators to advance the anti-SSM amendment.

According to the AP, the suit details come out tomorrow. Apparently, it will try to get a U.S. District Court to interfere with Massachusetts by forcing a vote and assessing damages.

Excuse us while we snort up our sleeves.

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Anonymous said...

point of confusion here. according to the AP story, vom is bringing suit against the 109 for *something they haven't done yet*. that is, letting the session end without taking a vote on their hate bomb. even if there is legal procedure for going after them for dereliction of duty (i have no idea if there is), they aint derelict yet. this is december. until 12:01 january 3rd, as i understand it, there is still a possibility that they will vote.

massmarrier said...

Good point. This is the same as the other suit floating about too.

However, in this case, a federal court should tell VOM to take a hike, that it can't compel or punish anything about the state legislature.

Uncle said...

Remember the aerial ads last winter? Flying into the sunset directly over the Mass pike, where no one could see them without risk of accident?

What was then absurd has become metaphorical.

massmarrier said...

Hardy har. I had forgotten about the Coppertone-style loony messages.

You have to wonder what's next. These guys promise to back off if they lose this way or that or the other. Then they don't, won't, can't. Their numbers continue to decrease, public opinion as well as legislator tolerance has increasing majority for marriage equality, yet they remain muttering, cursing and threatening. It's pretty sad as well as annoying.