Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rightist Plotting and Maryland Talking

Two hot links appeared -- the latest anti-gay machinations and analysis of yesterday's Maryland high-court arguments. We strongly recommend both and need to add next to nothing.

For the former, cyncooper at Talk to Action covers how "Conservative religious groups want access to government employee donation pools while reserving the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians." Speaking of an agenda, as the Dark Side often does, this one is to try to separate right-wing groups fattening at the public trough from glaringly homophobic internal practices.

For the Maryland case, Leonard Link at NYU Law reporting on that state's high court hearing on same-sex marriage. Link didn't include the link to the Court of Appeals video page. The case is docket number 44, dated 12-04-06. It requires RealPlayer. It is nearly an hour from the oyez opening.

The judges didn't tip their hands and said next to nothing.
While the ACLU lawyer for the 19 plaintiffs was more articulate and gave stronger arguments, the poster wrote:But I can't call this one, other than to predict that Judge (Dale) Cathell will vote to reverse. I don't know enough about the other judges to speculate based on their backgrounds or judicial records, and nobody else said enough to help me form an opinion.

If it were to be decided on the basis of doctrine, logic and precedent, we would win going away... but same-sex marriage cases frequently are not decided on that basis, so we will just have to wait and see what they cook up.

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