Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nipping the Good Guys' Ankles

The ho-ho-holidays are upon us and yet we find ourselves compelled to present our second Nemesis Award.

It's embarrassingly easy and goes to the Article 8/MassResistance folk for their inane sniping at the Boston Gay Men's Chorus. You can understand how they qualify by checking their WCRB Promotes Sodomite Christmas Concert and the follow-up Shame on Sponsors of Boston Gay Men's Chorus.

We're not trying to compete with Bud's excellent coverage of the foolishness posted at MassResistanceWatch. He's so serious about this that he listens to their radio show!

Trying to bite the BGMC is like kicking the battlefield medic or claiming Dick Nixon was a statesman while denigrating Jimmy Carter. Get a grip.

The Chorus is not only a cadre of great performers, they are extremely active fund raisers for such causes as AIDS prevention. They walk it like they talk it, and like they sing it.

It's doubtful that the chihuahua's tiny readership would attend a BGMC performance, but these silly tirades are a good reminder of some of the best holiday music available in Boston.

You have two ways to enjoy them -- the big Jordan Hall concerts and the smaller and more intimate Arlington Street Church ones.

The chance to wear your dinner jacket or LBD at the four Jordan Hall Home for the Holidays ones are Friday, the 15th, Saturday, the 16th, Monday, the 18th, and Tuesday, the 19th. All are at 8 p.m. Get tickets here.

On Christmas Eve, there are two concerts at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. at the Arlington Street Church. Those are always jammed. Be sure to arrive early and bring your seasonal joyful attitude for standing on line and chatting with companions and strangers.

We had not intended to discuss or even mention the award winners. However, this inanity and mean-spirited behavior call for it. Bah humbug, MassResistance!

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