Sunday, December 17, 2006

Winger in Worcester Flips

Let's see what the Worcester cops are made of now. Will they arrest the creep who runs the ironically named Catholic Citizenship group for knocking a small woman to the ground in front of many dozens of witnesses? According to the Worcester Telegram, they did not immediately do so after the incident.

We initially were going to stay out of it because:
  • Bud over at MassResistanceWatch had solid initial coverage.
  • Mike at Pie and Coffee is a friend of the woman and posted pix with his commentary.
  • He even had a link to the outrageous Worcester County winger blog that tried to blame the woman for getting knocked down.
  • Plain talk about the incident came from Know Thy Neighbor's Tom Lang, who was there.
However, it gnaws on us, as it should any civilized Bay Stater.

What everyone who there saw was the infamous anti-gay head of Catholic Citizenship, Larry Cirignano eyed a protester in his let-the-people-vote/free-speech rally promoting the anti-same-sex-marriage amendment. Apparently, the hairy eyeball was not enough and certainly free speech for his people does not imply free speech for anyone else. He raced down from his podium, pushed 30 feet or so into the crowd, grabbed Sarah Loy by the shoulders and pushed her and her offending sign to the ground. Witnesses and Loy said her head hit the pavement.

The laddies in blue took his statement and hers. Whoop de ding. I feel safer.

Perhaps you also need to know the view of the Worcester County Republican Club in its blog coverage:
As a side note, I’d like to clear up the Worcester Telegram’s front page story about the rally. Catholic Citizenship’s Larry Cirignano did indeed move one of the protestors out of the way of the speaker’s podium as she was hindering our legal right to speak (we had all our city permits while the protestors did not). And yes, he moved her into the crowd, toward the area where the protestors were standing. But no, there was no assault. According to bystanders, the protestor took the fall on purpose. She was all too quick with her pat reply about “this is what happens when…” And along the way, she, in fact, assaulted one of the teenagers in the crowd, trampling on the teen before she fell.
It has a second post claiming media bias and "that the entire event was staged."

So there, you have it. Don't believe your eyes or the report of everyone there, except for the attacking thug and the emcee (who wrote the first GOP post). Not only did Loy have it coming, but she planned luring little Larry into this deed.

Well, let us be just more pinkos and quote Tom Lang:
This was not your average "heated moment." This was a premeditated, aggressive and uncalled-for assault by the President of the Catholic Citizenship on a young lady who was exercising her right to assemble, protest and voice her free speech...the key components to our American Democracy. And wasn't THAT supposed to be what this rally was organized for? Or maybe Larry Cirignano was not aware of this.
How many times have we seen this? Right wingers getting caught doing something heinous, illegal, immoral or vicious, only to hear that 1) they didn't do it, 2) oh, well, if they did it, someone else caused it, or 3) it was some left winger's fault.

So, Woosta, how many witness will it take to get Cirignano booked for assault? Also, didn't his family teach him how to treat people?

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Anonymous said...

Isn't our Lt Gov.-elect the Mayor of Worcester? Has he no say/sway with the police of his city?

massmarrier said...

Excellent point, Laurel. We should contact him.

In theory, he is limited here. There is a city manager and a separate police department structure. However, not only is Tim Murray the Lt. Gov. Elect, but he should certainly have some influence.

Allegedly an officer at the scene said Ms.Loy would have to file a complaint because the police did not see the incident. I bet when they show up at a bar and witness point out some guy who hit another, the cops don't pull that lame excuse.



Mayor Timothy P. Murray
City Hall Room 305 - 455 Main Street Worcester, MA 01608


(508) 799-1153

Anonymous said...

Yeah, um,

He came at her with the intention of moving her against her will, so it WAS an assault, and he admits he touched her, thus completing the battery for the double-double.

Anonymous said...

If the Worcester police had been doing their job, the protestor wouldn't have been where she was not legally entitled to be -- blocking the podium at the rally. We had all our permits for this rally at City Hall. The protestors were unable to get their permit and were apparently unhappy with their position on the sidewalk by the bus stop. The protestor purposefully pushed her way to the middle of the rally crowd and stood in front of the podium yelling something I couldn't make out. At that point, the police should have moved her away because she was not entitled to be in that location. Unfortunately, they had ignored our earlier requests to keep the two groups separate so we could say our piece and they could say theirs.

Anonymous said...

Don't complain too much, Sharilee. If the Worcester police were doing their job, your leader would be in jail.

Your leader is a bully and a thug who has committed assault, and you are making excuses for him. Very Christian.

You are the bad guys here. Deal with it.