Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Marriage Bluster Before High Court

Arguments on the suit to force the anti-same-sex-marriage amendment onto the 2008 ballot were before the Supreme Judicial Court today. Over at Blue Mass Group, David live blogged it.

The short recap is that he figures it ended up pretty well where we said it would -- the SJC doesn't have and won't try to claim the power to force the legislature to vote on it.

The Boston Globe brief coverage also stresses Assistant Attorney General Peter Sack's defense position. He suggested that the only recourse voters who favored the ballot initiative had was to organize and vote out the majority of legislators who voted to recess, likely killing the amendment. If the combined two houses do not have a quorum or otherwise do not vote on this amendment when they come out of recess on January 2nd, it will share Jacob Marley's well known status.

Our avocational governor, Willard Mitt Romney, signed onto the suit as a private citizen, for theatrical and political reasons. He seems to know that he can't be GOP candidate for POTUS in two years unless he at least tries to kick gays. He's late to the game, but is begging to come off the bench.

In all likelihood both the state-level suit and its even more absurd federal version will flame out shortly. This leads us to wonder whether Romney will get any benefit at all from such silliness. We don't see him having any real chance to be on the GOP 2008 ticket no matter how many dumb tricks he pulls.

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