Friday, May 22, 2009

Bring Cheney to Book

Dick Cheney must be held accountable for an unnecessary war, approving and ordering such war crimes as torture, and abuse of office in deceiving Congress with false intelligence.

A classic bad joke (I think I first saw in Boy's Life at 12) foreshadows Cheney's safety claims. One man is selling tiger repellent. The next says, "There aren't any tigers within 8,000 miles of here." The first one quickly replies, "See. It works."

Thus George the Lesser Bush and Dick Cheney insist that we believe war on a nation uninvolved in the 9/11 attacks and subsequent years of prisoner torture have kept us safe. See. We haven't had a repeat of 9/11 since. Ha!

Even in my pubescent form, I saw the joke in the tiger repellent. Much but not all the nation sees the joke, or rather, lie in Cheney's assertions. As my chum Elias notes, "...he is desperate to cover up his own complicity in a tall stack of crimes."

And so it is with the lesser Bush and even his increasingly pathetic wife Laura. They claim all the horrors and blunders that have brought the death of thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of others were necessary. They hold, as Cheney does, that history will record what a great President this wee, bumbling Bush was.

Unfortunately for them, the depth and breadth of the Bush/Cheney incompetence and destructiveness have accelerated reckoning. History has, if you pardon, historically been slow to weigh in and judge. Not with this administration.

Perhaps that explains the fervor and repetitiveness of the PR campaign by Cheney and the Bushes. The damning judgments abound already. Perhaps they think if they create enough smoke and propaganda that they can stall or minimize the looming conclusions. I don't think so.

President Barack Obama does not seem willing to have Bush or Cheney prosecuted. It is hard to believe that he is right in thinking that he would alienate the GOP legislators. They have already been so hostile and obstructive that they are likely to attack anything he and the Dems want. I don't think it could get worse.

Moreover, the GOP never seems to have forgiven the Dems as proxy for the nation in driving criminal, freedom-destroying President Richard Nixon from office. It is obvious that was the prime motive for impeaching President William Clinton for lying about adulterous fellatio.

With those in mind, ask how much worse Cheney and Bush's crimes were than Clinton's. While they can no longer be impeached, what of the abuses of the Constitution and the thousands of U.S. lives lost and over a trillion dollars gone and those repugnant war crimes?

Cheney in particular has made his claims and continues to do so. He holds that everything he did and ordered done kept us safe as a nation and was totally justified. Those claims cannot stand unchallenged. If Obama lacks the will, it should be for Congress to investigate. Let's evaluate his claims and the classified docs behind it all.

Writing of PR, much of the world now sees us justifiably as a hell hole of anti-liberty. Our government has a provable record of spying on its citizens, ignoring our guarantees in our Bill of Rights, and acting onshore and offshore as a totalitarian regime. Forget the PR campaign to paint Bush and Cheney as competent. Let us make it right domestically and to the world by restoring our reputation as a land of liberty and honor and respect for humanity.

We can do that by bringing Cheney first and then perhaps Bush to book.

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Bill Baar said...

Well, I'd love to see Cheney on the stand getting questioned by Holder.... that would be a hoot... Holder the guy who signed a 300k contract with Illinois Gov Rod Blagojevich to prove Rosemont Illinois not a mob controlled town and worty of Illinois's tenth casino license... yeah, Cheney and Holder together would be a hoot.

The guy's Holder was going to exonerate in Chicago's West Burbs know how to torture...especially when it's collectiong gambling debts... and there is no debate on effectiveness... a body of mine made the Journal of Surgery as the man with the largest number of broken bones still able to walk and use his arms. He paid up...

Robin Edgar said...

Thanks for your comment that you submitted to The Eclectic Cleric's 'My Cyber-Stalker' blog post. It's appreciated, especially the bit that acknowledges that I am far from being the worst offender of your blog policy. Feel free to consider this comment a private message.


Robin Edgar