Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yoon's Ready to Mix It Up with Menino

Sam Yoon joined us at Left Ahead! this afternoon to say why he'd be a better mayor than Da Mare, Tom Menino. We still hope to have all the candidates on our podcast, but so far the others have yet to agree to chat with us or set a date. I'll post any future podcasts here in advance.

Meanwhile, head to Councilor Yoon's campaign site to see his positions on key issues.

He figures that with or without Menino's cooperation, the other candidates can drum up excitement about the most crowded mayoral race in the past three decades. Yoon noted that when previous Mayor Ray Flynn ran head to head with Mel King, there were 70-plus debates, saturating all neighborhoods. That election in 1988 had very high turnout, shaming the aesthetic ones of Menino's terms.

So, Yoon's calls include talking up the election and demanding more debates and public forums. Voters are complacent, yet they are unhappy with the schools, crime and housing. In his podcast today, he specified some of his solutions in these and other areas. Now, he'd like everyone in on the discussion.

Follow-up: Over at Blue Mass Group, David and Bob also interviewed Sam today. Catch their podcast here.

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