Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Details on Maine SSM Process

The nitty gritty on the Maine same-sex marriage bill is all in today's Portland Press Herald. This includes:
  • They adjusted the final House vote in favor to 89 to 57.
  • The Senate should concur and send the bill to the governor today.
  • Gov. Baldacci has 10 days to sign or veto the bill or let it become law without action.
  • If opponents gather enough votes to trigger a people's veto plebiscite, this delays implementing the law.
The mechanics of the vote are:
  1. Opponents would have to gather 55,087 valid signatures.
  2. Their time window is opens with the adjournment of the legislature, which is likely the middle of June.
  3. In closes in 90 days.
  4. If they have enough, the law is suspended until after a vote in the November general election.
  5. If that happens, a simple majority of voters will determine whether the law goes into effect.
Follow-up: Equality Maine reports they are ready if a people's veto is in the works. Executive Director Betsy Smith said they have "been organizing in all areas of the state, and they have found strong support for marriage equality."

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