Friday, May 22, 2009

N.H. Equality Folk Hoping

Click over to today's Brian McQuarrie article in the Boston Globe for a fine recap of the status of SSM in N.H. This is just a pointer to his work.

The short of it is that after the surprise narrow loss in the House, the bill holding up marriage equality there may come of out a two-chamber conference in a form that the wishy-washy governor can approve. Pro-SSM legislators and marriage-equality groups figure they can tip the few voted needed in a vote early in June.

Meanwhile the anti-SSM lawmakers and the anti-gay lobbying groups are screaming for a veto and go get onto important business. Apparently fundamental human rights aren't really that important to them, at least if they don't fit with the particular flavor of Old Testament religion they want to legislate.

So, N.H. may join the civilized portion of New England and return to its historic tradition of liberty and respect. If they edge out an SSM victory there, that would leave only Rhode Island as the boil on the butt of the region.

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